Changhua, Taiwan
Shanghai, China

Fabric, Wood, Mixed Media

 A place for living, exploring, relaxing, sharing, dreaming, amusing. For people who have all but who want more.   
What we need for life? We are overwhelmed with information and mass produced products where we do not know when to turn. People have created a far apart from other place on the internet. Overfull items blinds us from seeing what we need for life.

The installation invites to select what we need, follow the nature, the mess, the every good and bad. Allow the danger, allow the joy and live in the moment.

To somewhere you don't know, find people in your rhythm. Share the space, the ideas, the objects. 
Inspired by volunteer experience in Shanghai.

It was 6:30 am. I followed monk friend  to serve hot tea and bento box.  Hong Qiao metro station became a homeless’s shelter, I could not believe my eyes. Male and Female, young to old, are sleeping on the floor. Cardboard is their bed, trolly on their hand.
Year 2014, I went from Taiwan to China, knowing the commercial  markets and the manufacturers of fashion. When I just about to begin my own label as fashion designer, the cart stopped me to rethink about the labour issue and redefine my career.

Buying and throwing away, like a game. What human need is only a little.

©Chen Yu Wang