Taipei, Taiwan

Healing Object

Glow in the Dark Yarn, Fabric, Thread 

Object that heal, just as punching bag.

When depression is almost get to you,  let the emotion out, without hurting anyone.  Away from current atmosphere, find FORZIEFAN in the darkness. Calm yourself down. He is waiting for you, radiating in gentle luminance. Untangle the yarn attached with hands, which gives space to breath. Talk to him, he is going to listen with pink ear. You can also hug him, pinch him, squeeze him, until the moment of ease comes. In the end, you don't have to sweep the broken glass. In the end, you don't have to regret what you've said after blowing up. In the end, be with people you love, gracefully. 

Artist-in-Residence in  Treasure Till Artist Village

©Chen Yu Wang