Sundried Plastics
Taipei, Taiwan

Community Art

Package and Plastic Bags on the Street, Threads

 In Shenzhen, I was observing the community and having fun in the outdoor museum, then I started to pick up the trash on the ground. In 15 minutes, there were 19 pieces of packages been tossed on the ground, then I stitched them together. As locals hung the clothes outside and dry, I hung SUNDRIED PLASTICS for people to be aware of the environmental issue, and ask them to participate with the project by putting trash in. After the bag was full, I then created another piece from it. The project is hoping to restore the consciousness of recycling and the manner of caring the environment. Trashes we have ignored or thrown away on the street are actually having visual impact once being laid out.

Fall 2018, I moved to Shenzhen, China for two monthes. Everyday I was surprised just by walking in the community called “FU HUA New Village”, which was built in 1982 that contained 46 blocks and 1920 units. The neighbors are close to each other, and share their livings together.

©Chen Yu Wang